About Four Acres Ltd

Four Acres Limited was founded in 2003, with a goal to make the internet easy to understand and affordable to small businesses in New Zealand.
Four Acres Limited was certified carbon neutral Status with Landcare Research, New Zealand's foremost environmental research organisation from 2011 until June 2014. The carboNZeroCertTM programme and CEMARS™ (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme) are internationally recognised greenhouse gas (GHG) certification schemes - commonly referred to as carbon footprinting.
Landcare Research’s certification programmes allows Four Acres Limited to accurately measure its carbon footprint, increase marketing value, demonstrate leadership, identify cost savings opportunities and add credibility to environmental initiatives that Four Acres Limited undertakes.
However the expensive costs of being a member of this organisation meant we could no longer participate in the program and ceased membership in June 2014.  As an organisation we still practise green principles.
Apart from goods purchased, we will NOT send you anthing (eg invoices, communication etc) by post, we will always use email.  In our offices when we have to print documents we always use 100% recycled paper.  We are committed to making a difference in the work place.
We currently host over 300 websites within our server hosting environment.  We also look after over 500 domains (with or without email services).  We constantly seek to improve our hosting and email services to our clients.
We support clients in 24 countries worldwide and have written websites running in 12 different languages, demonstrating we truly are a multi-national business.

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