SSL Certificates

The lack of confidence in the real identity of a website is a huge barrier to a truly successful e-commerce environment. By making available a mechanism for real-time verification of website identities, TrustLogo, the real-time Website Assurance technology, has been developed to provide a major contribution to the achievement of such an environment. Powered by the Internet's only real-time Identity Assurance infrastructure (Comodo operated ID Authority) TrustLogo delivers trust, confidence and peace of mind to your customers and brings you a unique feedback facility so that you can see how many of your customers need to verify your identity every day.
Comodo provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions.
E-business is the most exciting revolution of our age and offers an unimaginably vast potential if - and only if - the challenges of real security are successfully met. Comodo offers "one stop" security for today's businesses and consumers; a comprehensive, user friendly infrastructure designed and integrated with exciting new hardware and software security and digital signature products and services.
Four Acres Limited as a Reseller of Comodo Products, means we can offer their products at a discounted rate and also are able to locally validate your details, to ensure a quick set-up.

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