Green Hosting - Carbon Neutral Web Hosting

Four Acres Ltd is the ONLY Certified Carbon Neutral Web Hosting Company in New Zealand, all websites hosted on our servers can have one of the following images on their website to show they are choosing companies who care about the environment to host their website.
Many companies mention Carbon Neutral Web Hosting, but simply host their clients websites offshore with other companies, which does not make them a Carbon Neutral company.  Four Acres Ltd is a Carbon Neutral Certified Company, and it's web hosting operation based 100% in New Zealand.  
If you have any concerns regarding Four Acres Ltd declaration about being a Green / Carbon Neutral Certified Company please check the following Certificates/Certifications.
Certificate 2011 (issued by Landcare Research)
Summay of carboNZero certification 2011
Certificate 2010 (issued by Landcare Research)
We are committed to the carboNZero programme until 2014
If you would to include these images on your website hosted with Four Acres Ltd, then please contact us.

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